Sunday, September 25, 2016

Useful Idiot Du Jour: Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

Sporting a hijab in NDP orange, Ms. Horwath dons a symbol of the Islamist movement (and a symbol of a chick's second class status within it) to make an important announcement:
...Today we announced our plans to introduce to establish October as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario. 
All Ontarians should be able to learn about and celebrate the tremendous contributions that Canadians of Islamic Heritage have made throughout our province’s history – and the tremendous contributions that the community is making to build a better future for all Ontarians. 
We have to make sure that every member of the Muslim community, and every Ontarian, feels safe and secure here in our province.

Here's a shot of some (actually, many) members of the Muslim community at this year's MuslimFest. (The woman on stage beholding the multitude is none other than Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, on the hunt, as always, for Liberal voters to whom she can pander.) Can't say that it makes me, a Canadian Jew, feel terribly "safe and secure."

'Ontario Premier @[130896610334947:274:Kathleen Wynne] and MPP @[100001857673814:2048:Shafiq Qaadri] at @[131577560197134:274:MuslimFest] event. #MuslimFest'

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Brian Rushfeldt said...

they work towards women;s equality but support a sub culture who stone , rapes and mutilates women. How is that for moronic hypocritical ignorance.