Sunday, January 1, 2017

An Ill Wind That Sucks and Blows

Happy 2017! This is the year we finally get to bid farewell to Barack Hussein Obama, the POTUS with the leastest who did his worstest, especially from a Democratic perspective:
He has decimated their party. The things they care the most about are, from the progressive point of view, mostly either in stasis or in regress: climate-change legislation, economic inequality, abortion, transnational governance, etc. The Left is strangely focused at the moment on exotica such as which dressing room transsexuals use at the gym and whether nonconformist bakers can be obliged at gunpoint to bake a cake for Bill and Ted’s excellent wedding. Their national leaders are elderly, intellectually narrow hacks of the kind who give hacks a bad name. Their great hope is an author of self-help books who smoothed her academic career by pretending to be a Cherokee.
Of this you can be sure: that faux-Native has about as much a shot at leading the land as another "progressive" loser named Lizzie has of becoming Canada's next prime minister.

As a parting shot to the POTUS who, for the sake of his "progressive" agenda of identity politics and a curdled, corrosive and very personal loathing of Bibi Netanyahu could not resist shafting the Jewish state one last time, I thought I'd revise a highly appropriate Lerner-Lowe number:
Away out there he made a name
For feckless, reckless drama.
A leader who
Just spewed and blew
And they called that wind Obama.

Barack he was a fiery one.
Told Bibi: "So's your mama."
Sucked up to genocidal creeps.
Was full o' crap, Obama.

Obama (Obama)
Obama (Obama)
Won't miss that cad, Obama!...
Not that he's planning to leave the scene and dissolve into much-deserved obscurity...

Update: Speaking of parting shots, here's an awesome one from Mark Steyn. Guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh on the radio the other day, Steyn had this to say about Obama bagman John Kerry's abominable speechifying:
The phrase that struck me that Kerry used: 'America can't stand idly by' - because of these Israeli settlements. 'Stand idly by' has been the Obama modus operandi in that region since he took office. He has stood idly by as half a million people have died in Syria, and Iraq has been swept by ISIS. Millions and millions of people have been set loose across the region, so-called refugees destabilizing American allies in Europe...
To which Steyn adds this zinger (on his website):
Obama and Kerry have been happy to "stand idly by" for mass murder, decapitations, burnings, sex slavery, ethnocultural cleansing, etc, etc, etc. But put up a Jewish subdivision and all of a sudden they're not going to stand idly by, no sirree.
Mic dropped, Obama and Kerry are righteously dissed and kissed off by the master!

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