Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beam Him Up, Scotty!

Depending on your viewpoint, that's either an unfortunate or an unintentionally hilarious juxtaposition of images on the NatPo's front page (newsprint version) today. 

Allow me to describe it for you.

At the top, there's a photo of the starship Enterprise, a promo for a piece inside about "The economics of Star Trek." Beneath it is a close cropped shot of about 3/4 of our youthful PM's body, one hand held aloft in what could be a hearty greeting; then again, it could be him miming "aye" to the question, "Which world leader could appear on the cover of Non-Threatening Boys Magazine?" To his left is this headline--"It's 2017: Should you know WHERE YOUR minister IS?" (Obviously, the online headers are slightly different.)

As per the imagery, that's easily answered: he's somewhere out in deep space.

File:Non-Threatening Boys Magazine.png

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