Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Definition of a Thankless Job: Being a Cop in Cologne, Germany

If you're wondering why there was no repeat of last year's New Year's Eve antics in Cologne, Germany--"over a thousand women...robbed or sexually assaulted" by young Muslim men--it's because this year police were more prepared for them. But even with ten times more cops on hand than last year, "police themselves were most surprised that they needed to call in reinforcements." That's because they had to deal with 1,000 or so men, "repeat offenders"/wannbe gropers, who arrived in town on the 10 p.m. train.

You would think that such preparedness would earn kudos from Germans. Instead, some are complaining about "racial profiling," especially since the cops have taken to calling these, er, repeat offenders "Nafris"--short for "North Africans."

Silly Germans. If anything, "Nafri" is a politically correct euphemism.

Used by people who are afraid to say the word "Muslims."

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