Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spins a Web

Mark Steyn should take the credit--or blame--for this one (a reworking of this one):
Schneiderman, Schneiderman,
Hypocritical Schneiderman.
Hits the chicks just for laughs.
It's just one of his many gaffes.
Buh bye! There goes that Schneiderman.

Was he "brave"? Yesiree!
Had a fan in Samantha Bee.
Such panache; full of pluck.
Bashed some mashers like Harv and Chuck.
Meanwhile, he was the Schneiderman.

In the still of night,
With his lover in bed,
He's alleged to have struck
And lashed out 'til she bled.

Schneiderman, Schneiderman, 
Twisted, mis'rable Schneiderman.
Wore a mask; so PC.
Now he reels in ignominy.
He's trapped! Caught in the hype and foment.
Having a MeToo moment.
Won't miss that Schneiderman.

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