Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The CBC--Biased, Not Tough (Duh!)

Upon reading the CBC Ombudsthingy's latest ruling--she concluded, quelle surprise, that a Ceeb interviewer was not biased when savaging questioning an Israeli politician--I couldn't help but chortle.

"Tough, not biased," eh?

Now, that's hilarious. (I can always tell when a Ceeb interviewer is questioning a conservative and/or non-lefty Israeli. The CBC interlocutor gets an edge, a tone, in his/her voice that simply isn't there when interviewing others. If that, in and of itself, isn't evidence of "bias," I don't know what is.)

Want more evidence of the Ceeb's obvious bias? How 'bout this? Or this?

I wouldn't bother complaining to the Ombudsthingy about it, though. What with her being a die-hard company gal and all, she wouldn't be able to perceive Ceeb bias if it leapt up and bit her on the tuches.

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