Monday, January 18, 2010

The Ceej's Not-So-Sweet Charity

Dear Ceej,

You want "Jew by injection," the eternally winsome Ms. Mia Farrow, to help you craft a "Jewish Response to Darfur"? Go for it. You want to halt the ongoing genocide being perpetrated by jihadi Arabs, minions of the wicked jihadist regime in Khartoum, by asking Canadian Rabbis to designate this coming Saturday "Darfur Shabbat"? No problemo. But, as part of that effort, you want us Jews to donate our shekels to, the local offshoot of warchild international? I say bollocks on toast to that, since this is how the international body describes its "social justice" efforts in "Israel and Palestine Territories" (my bolds):
For over five decades the conflict between Israel and Arab countries in the Middle East has been the source of a conflict that is keeping the world’s attention. The ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territory (oPt) by Israel brings about continuous violations of the rights of the Palestinian people in many ways and a heavy loss of lives, while attacks by Palestinian armed groups has cost the lives of many Israeli civilians. In this context, children continue to pay the heavy price of violence.
And, hey, isn't that always the "the context" of such "social justice" initiatives--even-steven; moral equivalence galore; with nary a thought given to jihad, sharia and the rest of the stuff behind the problems in "Israel and Palestine Territories" along with the ongoing genocide in Sudan?

But you, the CJC, purport to support the Jewish state, and yet you're asking Canadian Jews to give money to this racket? (Yes, I know, the Canadian branch doesn't have any projects in the Israel/"Palestine," but, still, it is an affiliate.)

It seems to me someone at your organization failed to do the most basic sort of homework--something I was able to do in less than one minute of digging on the 'Web.

Send our dollars to warchild? In the annals of really bad ideas, that ranks right up there with the Canadian government squandering oodles of tax-payer dough on KAIROS.

Yours truly,

Update: From wikipedia (my bolds):
There are three implementing offices of War Child: War Child Canada, War Child Netherlands, and War Child UK. The implementing offices share the same aims and goals, but work autonomously, with independent trustees and financial coordination.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

What no Eid for the IDF?

Ms. Doubt49 said...

Hey! Leave the IDF out of it! They're busy doing a great job in Haiti.. even CNN reported on that.. If u haven't yet seen it, go on lumpy's blog:):) Am I allowed to say that??:):):)
Anyways the IDF don't need no EID..
they get Hanukkah gelt.:)

Blazing Cat Fur said...

I shamelessly stole that line;)

Yariv said...

Thanks for this information Scaramouche. Here is what I have found out.

Warchild Canada has no activity in Israel or Gaza though you are right that Warchild Netherlands does and its position on Israel and the territories is not so good.

I called CJC and the Canada Israel Committee, they both understood the thing with the Netherlands group but also told me that the Canadian section has nothing to do with any Israel related matter. Both organizations and many pro-Israel groups and businesses seem to support the Canadian Warchild. Both mainstream groups support it.

So I decided to check for myself.Seems its founder was newly appointed Liberal Ontario Cabinet Minister Eric Hoskins and it is supported by many businesses from BestBuy to CITY TV and from the National Post to CTV. The list is endless and many very supportive of Israel.

Doesn't really look like there is anything to be concerned about. We can all get behind this one.

scaramouche said...

The Ceej wants to help the people of Darfur. Great! This would have been the perfect charity to solicit donations for:

Yariv said...

Scaramouche, when the National Post, CTV, Best-Buy (all wholly supportive of Israel) and the Canada Israel Committee support a charity you know its ok. You made a mistake on this one.

scaramouche said...

Well, if the CIC is behind it it MUST be kosher.

Sorry, Yariv. I see this as a case of Jews trying desperately to remain onside with the left even though it has become part and parcel of the Judenhass of our time. And sorry, too, if I see "Support Darfur" as the new "Save Tibet"--something that's trendy and easy to get; something that puts Jews on the side of the "virtuous" left. Meanwhile, you and I both know that the international community has no intention of "saving Darfur" since it doesn't involve Jews killing Muslims. And BTW, I've been shrieking about the genocide in Darfur ever since I starting blogging more than five years ago--not because it's trendy, and not because Mia Farrorw and George Clooney were behind it, and not because I had any notion that "saving Darfur" would translate into support for "saving" Jews--because the Jewstablishemnt to the contrary, it won't. As I commented back then, Darfur shows us that the world has learned nothing and advanced not a whit since the Shoah, and that if it was prepared to tolerate the mass murder the Darfurians--whom no one (save the Khartoum regime and its Arab henchmen) has any animus toward, it's a sign that the world will turn a blind eye to the destruction of the Jewish state. I think that supposition has been borne out as lo these many years later the Zionhass has metastasized, and its extinction is front and centre on the internationalista's agenda.

Mitka said...

I followed Yariv's lead and went on to the warchild site. Virtually every major canadian media and business is supporting it. However as an avid national Post fan I know it would never support an anti-Israel outfit so on that basis Im sure its kosher.