Monday, January 4, 2010

OIC Condemns Attack on Motoonist

From CNN:
(CNN) -- The attack on a Danish political cartoonist "runs totally against the teachings and values of Islam," the umbrella organization representing Muslim countries has said.

If the attack was a reaction to Kurt Westergaard's drawing of the Muslim prophet Mohammed with a turban shaped as a bomb, "then it should be rejected and condemned by all Muslims," the Organization of the Islamic Conference said in a statement Sunday...
What does run totally in synch with the teachings and values of Islam? Why, the OIC's efforts to snuff out free speech everywhere under the guise of prohibiting "defamation" of Islam, of course.

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Ben said...

Moe suborned the murder of four poets who criticized him in verse. Muslims who deny that fact are practicing al-taqeyya.

Muslims who conceal that fact are practicing kitman.

We can counter attack. Islamic doctrine violates several international human rights covenants, which require that it be proscribed by law. We can point this out to the World Court with this petition: