Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Job

From AP:
President Barack Obama took his daughters and friends for shave ice in Kailua on New Year's Day.
President Barack Obama enjoyed a shave ice yesterday at Island Snow, where he ordered a flavor combination of lemon-lime, cherry and passion-guava. "It's the Snowbama," he said. The Kailua store does list the combination on its menu.
"It's the Snowbama," Obama said, noting that the store lists the combination on its menu. He chose not to add any extras, such as sweet azuki red beans or ice cream. "I like my shave ice straight, no frills," said a casual Obama, wearing a white T-shirt, khaki shorts and sandals...
Sure, the snowcone he likes straight up. His legistlation, however, is another story, packed with so many extras, frills and sweet azuki red beans that it ends up costing mega-trillions. That's the real "Snowbama."

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