Saturday, July 10, 2010

Organic 'Art'

Leafing through my guilty pleasure, Entertainment Weekly's BEST of SUMMER Special Double Issue, I came across these lines about actor James Franco, who's apparently some sort of Hollywood Rennaissance man. It's about Franco's, er, art exhibit. (Here's the link, which, sadly, is somewhat different than the magazine's newsstand version):
The exhibition is strange, which is to be expected from the man who calls his guest stints on General Hospital "performance art." One video contains a chapter devoted to mustaches, motorcycles and mannequins; another combines ghost costumes, flaming arrows, and a mechanical bull. And then there's the film that depicts Franco wearing a prosthetic penis on his nose. What the 32-year-old actor hopes to achieve with this show is not clear; but there is something to be said for stars turning away from Hollywood to do things they're passionate about.
Like, for instance, wearing a penis on your nose?

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