Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Blinded Them With Science

American Thinker Ken Blackwell calls Obama's new mission for NASA (i.e. "outreach" to stroke damaged Muslim egoes) "lunacy"--an apt way to describe it since the root of the word is the Latin for "moon," something America would likely have never reached had that been NASA's mission in the past. Blackwell suggests another way that Muslims could get up to speed, science-wise:
I have a simple way for Muslim-majority nations to excel in science and technology: Have everyone read a list of Jewish scientists who have won the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, or Medicine in the past century. Then, perhaps, their leaders could stop their Israel-bashing and Jew-baiting. 
They might also read George Gilder's latest book, The Israel Test. Gilder, who is not Jewish, says Israel is a wonderful test for everyone. Do we envy and resent this people?

Do we covet what they have produced? Do we want to emulate their productivity and creative genius, or do we darkly ascribe their feats to a "Zionist" protocol? Gilder holds up a mirror to anti-Semites everywhere. What do you see?
I see people who keep getting an "F".

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