Friday, October 15, 2010

Not Totally 'Worthless'. It Can Come In Awfully Handy, For Example, If You Need Something to Line a Birdcage

Mark Steyn says re the "free speech" guaranteed by our much-vaunted (in leftist quarters, anyway) Trudeaupian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:
Canadians enjoyed greater freedom of expression before the passage of Trudeau's "charter", which is a fancy term for "worthless piece of garbage".
Heh. We also had more human rights--real ones, not fake, victim/identity group ones (some of which are sharia-compliant)--before we foolishly went ahead and created "human rights" commissions and tribunals.

Update: And speaking of sharia-compliant "rights," Diana West does just that in her column about the Geert Wilders truth-on-trial trial (which the dino-media is doing its best to ignore):
(T)his trial presents a watershed moment. Wilders, leader of a growing democratic movement to save his Western nation from Islamization, risks one year in prison for speaking out about the facts and consequences of Islamization. Such speech is prohibited not by the Western tradition of free speech Wilders upholds, but rather by the Islamic laws against free speech that he rejects. Wilders' plight demonstrates the extent to which the West has already been Islamized.

"It is irrelevant whether Wilder's witnesses might prove Wilders' observations to be correct," the public prosecutor stated back at the beginning. "What's relevant is that his observations are illegal." Since when are observations "illegal"? Under communist dictatorships is one answer. Under Sharia is another.
Under Section 13(1) of Canada's "human rights" legislation is yet another. Not that that was the intention when the laws were crafted; at that time, who even had a clue about jihad and sharia? Serendipitously for sharia devotees, however, it turned out in this instance kafir law and sharia law dovetailed quite well.

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