Friday, October 15, 2010

A Warning to Out-Of-Step Canada

Kenneth Roth, the head of execrable NGO "Human Rights" Watch (like J Street, a beneficiary of Soros largesse) chastizes the Harper government for having the effrontery to stray from the UN's "human rights" agenda. From the Ottawa Citizen:
...Canada's foreign policy was once driven to a significant extent by Stephen Harper's desire to align himself closely with George Bush, but that rationale is long gone.
The first Bush administration was openly disrespectful of human rights, sympathetic to radical right-wing views of Israel's interest, and contemptuous of international collaboration, but even the second Bush administration repudiated much of that, and Barack Obama has travelled even further toward what, ironically, might be called a traditional Canadian vision.

In Ottawa, however, Harper's foreign policy team is still acting as if 9/11 happened yesterday and George Bush is still in the White House.

One can only hope that Canada's inability to gain a Security Council seat will serve as a wake-up call. It became possible for the nations of the world to reject Canada for this leadership role because Canada no longer acts as a leader -- or at least the kind of leader that once was so widely admired.

A return to a foreign policy built around respect for human rights, multilateralism and international law will do wonders for Canada's global stature...
Yeah, Canada, if you want people to "like" you, you had better get with the UN/Lefto-'Slamist Israel-trashing, sharia boosting global "human rights" program. Or else.

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