Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Truth Vs. Truthiness

Al the Fish (a great Runyonesque name) informs me that the Campell's soup story showed up on the Colbert Report. Colbert pegged it, natch, as a buncha right wing zanies (they're cr-a-a-a-zy!) going berserk over the soup going halal. In truth (as opposed to Colbert's trademark "truthiness") it's about the soup going halal under the imprimatur of ISNA, a buncha Wahhabi-funded sharia devotees named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holyland terrorism-funding conspiracy case. Why "moderate" Muslims would want their soup blessed by these Muslim Bro high-fivers is anybody's guess. In the world of "truthiness," though, we know who the real bad guys are--us:

We're freaky and we're spooky,
Delirious and kooky.
We're altogether flukey,
The Soup Conspriacy.

We have it in for Islam
Although it's sweet and winsome.
We'll take in on the chin some.
The Soup Conspriacy.

Ba da da da ("mean").
Ba da da da ("obscene").
Ba da da da
Ba da da da
Ba da da da ("extreme").

The soup has caused a schism.
Don't see things through that prism.
The Soup Conspiracy.

Update: See the Colbert diss (at the 7 minute 21 second point of the clip). H/T Al the Fish; BCF

A gathering of a few members of the crazy, right-wing soup cabal


sanwin said...

I saw that episode.

Colbert and all the others have missed the point completely.

It's not Campbells releasing a line of Halal soups.

It's Campbells tying up with ISNA to do so that is objectionable.

But then the leftists never let truth get in the way of their bias.

Al the fish said...


The exact time is at the 7min 21 seconds point of the clip.

I wonder if this will generate any traffic to your blog.

Roz said...

Congrats Scaramouche! You KNOW you've made it to the top when you get "insulted" by Colbert!!! Good job!

Black Mamba said...

I used to have some time for Steward and Colbert (a while back, when I watched TV); they could be funny, and I thought there was a basic decency there. After his embarassing stunt on Sept. 24th Colbert has proven that he's nothing but a self-enchanted, fanatical, attention-hungry fool. Who would expect him to get the basics of a story right when the facts don't suit his narrative?

scaramouche said...

I loved his shtick about the banana being a crescent. Hey, Steve, it's not the banana (or, for that matter, the soup). It's the banana (or soup) company getting into bed with an outfit that helped siphon funds to Hamas.

Josephine said...

Well said, Scaramouche.