Friday, December 3, 2010

Meanwhile, Over in "Moderateland"...

In the latest online issue of the Canadian Islamic Congress's weekly Friday Magazine, "moderate," "interfaith" Imam Zijad Delic, the rag's editor-in-chief
  • posts a Harpoon Siddiqui screed in which the Toronto Star's resident apologist for Islamism and the Ayatollah scolds both Stephen Harper and Twiggy for being in America's back pocket;
  • gives a "you go, guy" to Hamas-enthusiast George Galloway;
  • reprints a Robert Fisk analysis in which Fisk quotes hateful anti-Zionist "historian" Ilan PappĂ© (rhymes with crappĂ©).
Aren't you glad the imam and his outfit are so "moderate" and "interfaithy"? Can you imagine the sort of thing he'd be putting in the rag for all to see if he were more, you know, extreme?

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