Friday, December 3, 2010

The West Trounce Islam? Fuggedaboutit. Who Has the Time?

In an interview on site, dhimmified "peace"-nik Johan Galatung explains why a Western victory over Islam is not bloody likely:
JOHAN GALTUNG: Now let’s look at it from a Washington point of view: pursuing a victory which will never happen. I’ll say why: 1.56 billion Muslims are dedicated to the idea of defending Islam when trampled upon. Some of them are traveling to Afghanistan. Some of them are doing it somewhere else in other ways. Those ways can become quite disagreeable, as you know.
Point two, there is no capitulation in Islam to infidels. It doesn’t exist. To fight against Christians and Jews—you take the mini-empire of Israel, the regional empire—is not an invitation to a violent confrontation that will end with a capitulation. In other words, the time perspective of the Muslim community is unlimited. I don’t think the time perspective of Washington is unlimited. So you can say, of course, who has the longer time perspective will win. There may be some local capitulation, a white flag somewhere, but by and large the usual scenario of a tent, maybe, with a camping table, somebody diligently typing a couple of copies of a capitulation document and "please sign on the dotted line," forget about it. Forget about it. That’s not the way it happens these days...
No, the way "it" (Western capitulation) happens is via sharia creep, mass immigration of true believers into kafir lands and, once in a while, holy warriors plotting a big kaboom that is usually derailed by authorities before the bomb(s) explode. (The last one is crucial because it makes the kafir so much more appreciative of--and therefore so much more willing to make "accommodations" for--sharia-heeders who renounce violent jihad.)

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