Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adam Does Khartoum. Yes, Khartoum

On a visit to his favorite city in the world after his hometown, Toronto, former TTC chair Adam Giambrone (a.k.a. "Giamboning" in recognition of the horizontal office hijinks that scotched his mayoral bid before it got started) ignores the fact that it's the capital city of a country run by a bunch of psychopathic sharia-aficionados with a marked propensity for genocide. Instead, he focuses on the things Toronto and Khartoum have in common. From clueless lefty freebie rag NOW Magazine:
Watching the city grow, I’m struck by the challenges it shares with Toronto. One is effective transit. In Khartoum, my 10-kilometre commute to the National Museum takes an hour and costs the equivalent of $5 or $6 Canadian each way. For that price, I’m packed into old mini-buses and pay for each transfer.
Something else the two burgs have in common: machete-wielding Janjaweed who like to pretend to be human Veg-o-Matics, slicing and dicing their way through the populace.

Or maybe not.

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