Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Appeasing Our Way Into Silence and Submission

Adam Turner of The Legal Project condemns the West's pusillanimity/dhimmitude (arguably one and the same) in failing to stand up for our most pivotal freedom, free speech:
This consistent positive reinforcement of Islamist threats and rioting against American speech rights is only getting us more threats and rioting. At some point in the future, the U.S. is going to have to make a hard choice. We can stand up to Islamist driven bullying, or we can fold our tents and give them the power to dictate what we can say or do (at first only about Islam, but later about everything). This won't be an easy choice, since it is quite possible that people will die based on our decision. But if there is anything that can be learned from history, it is this – appeasement of the bully only encourages him, and in the long run, more people will suffer when the bully is consistently encouraged by his victim's continued timidity. It is time to draw the line, here, now.
I think the President appeasing potentially "hurt" Muslim "feelings" by giving mass-murdering jihadi bully Osama a send off with all the Islamic bells and whistles indicates where he's drawing the line, here, now.

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