Sunday, May 8, 2011

A-bottabad Where the SEALS Come Swooping Down From Planes

Pore 'Sama's daid,
Pore O-sama's daid,
They dumped him in the ocean
Oh so deep.
His farm, they say's, "organic,"
But last week there was a panic
And now he'll be perpetu'lly asleep.

Pore 'Sama's daid,
Pore O-sama's daid.
The Khadrs are a-weepin' that he's gone.
They loved Osama so
And they're sad to see him go
And things won't be the same (sob) from now on.

Pore 'Sama's daid,
Fishies dart around his head.
Authorities in Pakistan play dumb.
His followers are weary
But they've still got Zawahiri
So stuff could well blow up in days to come...

1 comment:

Frances said...

Really good - but you need to know 'Oklahoma' to fully appreciate it.