Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear 'Leaker'

To Whom It May Concern (a.k.a. whoever leaked the nekkid Layton story),

I don't know whether your mischief will have the desired effect--i.e. Layton's deflation. Be that as it may, you have my undying gratitude for infusing what was shaping up to be a fairly routine weekend with scads of hilarity, mirth and Benny Hill-ian badinage.

Know this: when it comes to extracting every laugh, wresting every last chuckle, from this delectably sordid tale, in the words of both Jack Layton and his masseuse: "I won't stop until the job is done!"

Yours truly (and truly amused),



Jim said...

I've always thought that Jack's middle name must start with the letter "U". Now we have proof.

scaramouche said...

First initial E., right?