Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fred 'Gopher' Grandy on Being Muzzled By P.C.

Sure, the U.S. is better off than we Canuckis because it has a First Amendment safeguarding the right to free speech (whereas up here we're stuck with a "rights" Charter that giveth free speech with one hand and taketh it away with another, i.e. in the infamous Section 13). But that hasn't stopped the likes of Fred Grandy (former purser on a hyper-cheesy 70s showboat, former Iowa congressman) from being muzzled. Grandy and his wife had a radio talk show that was dumped when they freely expressed ideas re radical Islam (they opined that it perhaps wasn't compatible with freedom) that management thought were too far-out.

If you have an account on PJTV, you can hear Grandy talk about it here.

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