Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Jack's Kinder Surprise

Finished my assignment in record time, so I thought I'd post this: The National Post's front page shows the bright shiny faces of newly-minted Quebec M.P.s. Their photos of these youths--some as young as 19--are arranged, Brady Bunch theme song-style, with the eminence grise of this kiddie caucus, Jack Layton, as the Carol/ Mike Brady in the middle. The sight couldn't help but get the parodic juices flowing:

Here's a story of a happy fellow
Who was looking for some people he could run.
Some of them were still in school--and had homework,
And one worked in a pub.
It's the story of a lucky lefty
Whom disgruntled voters turned to--quel surprise!
They'd had twenty years living thru' the B.Q.,
And opened up their eyes.
Till the one day when th'election was upon them
And the voters ended up flipping their lids.
Marked an 'X' beside the names coloured in orange.
That's the way they ended up with Layton's Kidz.
With Layton's Kidz, with Layton's Kidz.
That's the way they were stuck with Layton's Kidz.

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