Tuesday, May 10, 2011

History Repeats

How could Germany do what it did to the Jews? By the same token, how can Egypt do what it's doing to Christians? Barry Rubin writes:
Egypt has more Christians than Israel’s entire population. There have been numerous attacks, with the latest in Cairo leaving 12 dead, 220 wounded, and two churches burned. The Western media generally attributes this to inter-religious battles. Yet Egypt’s Christians, so totally outnumbered and not having any access to the power of the state, have generally kept a low profile.
It is hard to believe that gangs of Christians go out and attack Muslims, especially when the fighting revolves around mobs attacking churches. “How can they say we started it when we are defending our church?” asked one Christian. That makes sense.
The Christians cannot depend on any support from Western churches or governments. Will there be a massive flight of tens or even hundreds of thousands of Christians from Egypt in the next few years?
Not if Egyptians (you know, the ones supposedly all caught up in that mythical "Arab Spring"?) get to kill them all first.

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