Thursday, May 5, 2011

House Bunny

I'm pitching The Ruth Ellen Brosseau Story as a biopic on the Ceeb: plucky blonde beer-slinger (I see Anna Faris in the role) scores a seat in the House of Commons even though she lives far away from her rural Quebec riding, doesn't speak French, didn't bother campaigning (because she lives far away and doesn't speak French) and spent much of her campaign time on vaca in Vegas. Alas, my pitch--along with Ruth Ellen's parliamentary career--may be shot down because certain, er, irregularities have come to light:
The latest grumbling is about Ruth Ellen Brosseau's nomination papers. Her opponents suggest they may have been falsified and say the riding results should be nullified if that is the case.
A man in the Berthier-Maskinonge riding says he was stunned to see his name and address listed on the papers filed by the NDP campaign, when he doesn't recall giving his support.
The name of Rene Young's wife, Lise Leblanc, is there too, except her name is misspelled and the signature was clearly forged, he added.
"Lise Leblanc is written there — but Leblanc without a C," Young said Wednesday in his living room in Trois-Rivieres, at the eastern end of the riding.
"I don't think an adult would make a mistake in her name."
Well, maybe she would if she no speaka da langue.

Meanwhile, her fearless leader, Canada's new leader of the opposition, is fending off suggestions that his newbies are trop wet behind the oreilles. His young'uns will bring tons of "energy" and "enthusiasm" to their work, says Shiatsu Jack (words that, down the road, will no doubt come back to haunt him).

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