Monday, May 16, 2011

In 'Toon With Zionhass

Phyllis Chesler writes about a highly effective practitioner of anti-Israel propaganda--Palestinian 'toonist Omayya Joha:
Imagine being a trapped Palestinian child or adult ruled by despotic monsters who do not want the populace to blame them for corruption, tyranny, or Islamist strictness. The only outlet for frustration is the infidel Jewish state and the infidel West, especially the United States. Imagine being subjected to cartoons such as these every week, perhaps every day. The cartoons convey the same, highly significant message over and over again. It would be hard not to be brainwashed by these simple ideas.
First, the “key,” which is contained in every cartoon and which also functions as Joha’s own logo, is the symbol for the “right of return.” Second, the “right of return” is always, always pictured as the return to Israel “from the river to the sea,” never just to negotiated regions of the West Bank and Jerusalem. Gaza is now entirely in terrorist hands since Israel unilaterally withdrew, subjecting southern Israel to non-stop rocket barrages. Third, the Palestinians are all portrayed as humiliated, weak, weeping, burdened, poor, aged, very young, and as slaughtered. In addition, one aged, barefoot man wearing the Palestinian kefiyyeh and in tattered garments appears often. He is known as Abu A’id, the Father of Return.
Joha does not show us any masked, male Palestinian jihadists blowing themselves up, or manipulating others to do so within Israel proper; we do not see the members of Hamas shooting their Palestinian opponents at point-blank range or throwing them off the twentieth floor–after having tortured them first. We do not see the Hamas “morality” police beating women for refusing to veil or Palestinian families honor murdering their daughters, sisters, and wives.
Why would we, er, they? Reality bites--and it wouldn't advance the Die Israel! agenda.

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