Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Might As Well Be Spring

The lamestream media sing an old R&H favorite re a chimerical season:

They're as restless as a chap who's at an airport
And who's jumpy 'cuz a bomb's tucked in his pants.
We will say that they have "Spring" fever
As we listen to their rants.

We are starry eyed because they're discontended
And we think that what they want's "democracy".
We will say that they have "Spring" fever;
They say Islam makes you free.

They keep wishing they were somewhere else--
In Dearborn, say, or London or Toulouse.
Wretchedness has been their lot for years.
Oh, well, they still can always blame the Jews.

We're so busy spinning tales about "rebellion"
And we're scripting in the Naqba hellions, too.
We'll overlook the raping and the jihad
And the Muslim Brothers--who?
But it seems, alas,
That our noggin's up our ass
So it's "Arab Spring" for nous.
It's "Arab Spring" for nous.

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