Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Must See TV

Don't miss Brian Lilley's delicious smackdown of a chick who sounds like she's memorized a Eco-Marxist textbook. (A "Human Rights" commissar in the making, no?)

Update: An example of the chick's thinking:
...caught between white supremacy and patriarchy, we survived.
then came the waves of feminism.
first wave.
second wave.
third wave.
it is said that with each wave more of us were included in the movement but was the movement becoming less white-centric?
construction doesn’t always signify healing.
whiteness was still the bottom line narrative on which the mainstream global north feminist struggle was being built on...
Isn't the notion that "whiteness sucks" (her bottom line narrative) kind of, well, racist?


Winston said...

An ugly Marxist

scaramouche said...

And like all Marxists a hater of Western civ.