Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today in Ontario 'Human Rights' Tweets...

I'm so glad the Ontario "human rights" commish is on Twitter because its tweets are proving to be an inexhaustible source of amusement. Today, for instance, I noticed that not only has it tweeted about the "human rights" of Jedi Knights (I think it's meant to be funny, but with the "human rights" racket it's often hard to tell the intentionally funny from humour that's unintentional), it has an tweet warning employers, ominously, to
Beware the perils of age discrimination: Judging if an employee is a good 'fit' for the org can be a slippery slope."
And what, you may ask, makes that amusing? It's the fact that the NatPo article we're directed to recounts the story of 62-year old gentlemen who applied for a position but was turned down by an org that decided he was not "a good fit." When he complained that he had been discriminated against due to his age, the Ontario "human rights" court agreed with the org's assesssment, and the man ended up going home without a lucrative "human rights" payoff. Of course, he was not out of pocket by so much as a single penny for his legal expenses--they were picked up by you and me, the taxpayer. The org that "won," however, also lost because it was on the hook for its legal tab (as are all those on the receiving end of one of these "human rights" complaints).  

So not only is the system grossly and inherently unfair, the OHRC, which has spread its tentacles far and wide, is pretty much broadcasting its delight over the reality that employers no longer have the ability to determine who is--or who isn't--a "good fit"; that that power now belongs to them, the functionaries of the "human rights" system.

See how much "fairer" (and unfunny) that is?

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