Wednesday, May 11, 2011

UN 'Human Rights' Council Holds the Line, Diplomats Kvell

In light of its being otherwise engaged mowing down a restive populace, Syria has decided that now is perhaps not the best time to pursue a seat on the UN "human rights" council. Into the breach has stepped Kuwait--and unnamed Western diplomats (notes Foreign Policy) can barely contain their glee:
Western diplomats also interpreted the decision of Kuwait, which had previously refused to compete for the seat unless Syria stepped aside, as a sign that the Arab countries had struck a deal and that Syria would abandon its bid.
They hailed the development as a sign that the Human Rights Council, which has long been criticized for accepting rights abusers into its ranks, is showing a new willingness to block the world's worst rights abusers from joining the club.
Iran was forced to scrap its campaign to join the council last year in the face of widespread opposition. And the rights council took the unprecedented decision to suspend the membership of one of its members, Libya, because of concern over its brutal treatment of protesters.
FYI, here's the short list of  "human rights" enthusiasts who remain on the council and who, presumably, are not among the worst of the worst: Cuba, China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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