Thursday, May 5, 2011

What An Insult--To Orange Traffic Cones

The Moan-ray-all Gazette's Don Macpherson writes re Shiatsu Jack's under-qualified Quebec MPs:
On Monday, more than a million Quebecers voted for NDP candidates who might as well be orange traffic cones.
And now this province will be represented in the new Parliament and the caucus of the official opposition party by Thomas Mulcair, maybe a dozen other serious members, and another 40 or so orange traffic cones, all paid at least $157,731 a year.
As @67Capt_Canuck tweeted, the celebrated Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the fugitive "honourable member for Las Vegas," has hit the Jackopot. Somebody should get word to her so that she can show up to collect her winnings.
"Well, some of them will turn out all right," their apologists say. OK then, what would be an acceptable failure rate? Three-quarters? Half ? Your MP, or mine?
Not mine (I don't live in silly Quebec). Yours, maybe.

A few NDP newbies assemble for a group shot

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