Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Canada Gaza Boatniks 'Splain Their M.O.--In Song

Give 'em the old Gaza dazzle--
Gaza dazzle 'em.
Claim that your aim's humanitarian
And your voice will be like a clarion.
Give 'em the old cock and bull stuff,
Smoke and smother 'em.
How can they tell the truth with all those lies?
What if Hamas is genocidal?
What if Noam Chomsky is your idol?
Gaza dazzle 'em
And they'll never get wise!

Give 'em the old Gaza dazzle-
Go and "Durban" 'em.
Tell 'em a fib that's so ridiculous.
But please make sure that you're meticulous.
Give 'em the old big bamboozle.
Fool and flummox 'em.
Throw in a line about the "Nakba," too.
Don't ever mention there's a jee-had
Or that the truth can ever be had.
Gaza dazzle 'em,
Make a big ballyhoo.

Give 'em your lefty bona fides--
Charm and chasten 'em.
Tell 'em about your swell flotilla now
And they will buy your whole megillah now.

Give 'em the old sad sob story--
Stun and stagger 'em.
Tell 'em the Jews are just like the Nat-zees.
Though Gaza, true, it ain't no ghetto
They're sure to heed your grim libretto.
Gaza dazzle 'em, and bring Jews to their knees...

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