Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Britain's 'Misfits'

According to a damning new report (unpacked in this onislam piece) one religious group is having a really hard time fitting in with British society, with which its religious dogma is decidedly incompatible:
“I think there's an awful lot of noise about the Church being persecuted but there is a more real issue that the conventional churches face that the people who are really driving their revival and success believe in an old time religion which in my view is incompatible with a modern, multi-ethnic, multicultural society,” Phillips said.

"The most likely victim of actual religious discrimination in British society is a Muslim but the person who is most likely to feel slighted because of their religion is an evangelical Christian.

That couldn't possibly be because the Brits bend over backwards to pander to Muslims, but adopt a completely upright, inflexible posture when it comes to Christians, could it?

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