Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Good Thing You Can Say For Anthony Weiner

In the sleaze department, he's no Eliot Spitzer.

Can you imagine the japery at the time had Spitzer's name been, say, Johnson?

Update: And now, there's a little weiner, though not the one caught on camera.

Update: In response to the question "What was Anthony thinking?": big Anthony wasn't thinking; little Anthony was.


Al the Fish said...

The Weiner bun in the oven story isn't going to win him the sympathy vote, it only makes him look like a bigger dirt bag.

Paul said...

... most people aren't aware that not only is Barbra Streisand a king-maker in Tinsel Town but also in her home town of Brooklyn.

No big secret she likes both Hollywood fan-boys and Brooklyn weiners.