Thursday, June 9, 2011

Khaled the Cherry-Picker

Khaled Mouammar, head of the Canadian Arab Federation (which, along with taxpayer-funded Palestine House, is one of dozens of outfits supporting the Canacki Gaza Boat) has been to the Foreign Affairs website and has cherry-picked a few highlights for Globe and Mail readers:
A principle, defended
The website of the Department of Foreign Affairs states the following: Canada believes that a just solution to the Palestinian refugee issue is central to a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and must comply with international law; Canada does not recognize permanent Israeli control over territories occupied in 1967; Canada does not recognize Israel’s unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem; Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention; construction of the separation wall inside the West Bank and East Jerusalem is contrary to international law under the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has set the following conditions for peace negotiations: No to the 1967 borders, no negotiations on Jerusalem, no return of refugees, no dismantling of settlements, and no withdrawal from the Jordan valley.
Hence, by siding unconditionally with Israel, Stephen Harper (In Defence Of A Principle – June 6) is contradicting Canada’s declared policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is grounded in international law and human rights.
Khaled Mouammar, national president, Canadian Arab Federation
Mouammar points to an ongoing problem: the divergence between stated Canadian policy as articulated by the leftist lifer bureaucrats of Foreign Affairs (Canada's version of Foggy Bottom) and Stephen Harper's adamant support for Israel.

That said, there are certainly plenty of other choice bits that can be cherry-picked, including this:
Canada supports Israel's right to live in peace with its neighbours within secure boundaries and recognizes Israel's right to assure its own security, as witnessed by our support during the 2006 conflict with Hezbollah and our ongoing support for Israel's fight against terror. Israel has a right under international law to take the necessary measures, in accordance with human rights and international humanitarian law, to protect the security of its citizens from attacks by terrorist groups. Canada and Israel enjoy a steadfast friendship and strong, growing bilateral relations in many areas based on shared values, including democracy.
And this: 
Canada is committed to the goal of a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, including the creation of a Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel.
Also this, the second paragraph re Occupied Territories and Settlements:
Canada believes that both Israel and the Palestinian Authority must fully respect international human rights and humanitarian law which is key to ensuring the protection of civilians, and can contribute to the creation of a climate conducive to achieving a just, lasting and comprehensive peace settlement.
In other words, our official policy is to believe in fairy tails, too, same as Foggy Bottom.

Update: I've taken the liberty of cherry-picking a few "Activites and Interests" listed on K.M.'s facebook page:

Against Public School Boards Banning Israeli Apartheid Week; Israeli Apartheid Week; US Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel; Campaign for Justice for Omar Khadr; Kairos; UNWRA; Save Palestine from Israelis Occupation; Stephen Harper Has To Go!; Petition to UK Prime Minister to impose an arms imbargo on Israel; Julian Assange for Time Person of the Year; Supporters of Rick Salutin; Palestinian Refugees Right to Return--Al Awda; The Big Campaign, Boycott Israeli Goods; Condemn Israel for War Crimes; Socialism; Indict 'Israel' for Crimes Against Humanity !; CANADIAN Boat to Gaza; Can this Onion Ring get more fans than Stephen Harper?; and last but not least Intifada Palestine.

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