Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ratfink Raffi Floats the Zionhass Boat

Don't miss BCF's "tribute" to beloved kiddie troubadour Raffi. He's endorsed the Canucki Gaza Boat, a.k.a. the Sea Hitler. In "honour" of the occasion I've revised the singer's signature tune:  

Raffi the Singer he is all at sea.
Boat's so dumb and it's perfidy.
Hezbo's above, Hamas below,
And a little Jew state's gotta go.

Floating Sea Hitler,
Floating Sea Hitler.
Is your anger warm?
Are you doing harm
You idjit dreamers?

Way down under's where Osama lays.
He's be there for days and days.
Hamas is like him,
Equally grim,
So why'd you want to go help 'em?

Floating Sea Hitler,
Floating Sea Hitler.
Is your anger warm?
Are you full of scorn
And sanc-ti-mo-ny?...

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