Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smells Like Team Spite

A letter in the NatPo detects the distinct scent of Zionhass emanating from NDP corridors:
Re: Not Much For The NDP To Celebrate, Lorne Gunter, June 15. Lorne Gunter's humorous list of political correctness (fair-trade coffee, no bottled water, no red meat) at the upcoming NDP policy conference hits home. However, some of the policy sessions at the conference will not be so funny. For example, the NDP Socialist Caucus is hosting a session called "Solidarity with Palestine and the Boycott of Israeli Apartheid." This is a one-sided event, with all speakers hostile to Israel, supporting the Canadian Gaza boat and boycotts of Israeli-made (read: Jewish) goods.
Extreme political correctness brings unintended self-parody. But in this policy session, there is a nasty odour of anti-Semitism.
David Murrell, Fredericton.
You've got them all wrong, David. They're really great humanitarians who care about social justice and uplifting the downtrodden. They're the good guys. It's the eee-ville capitalists (among whom you can number the wicked, capitalistic Jooo state) who are doing bad and who don't have the world's best interests at heart. (At least, that's what the Socialist caucus and its Sea Hitler ilk like to tell themselves so they can get that endorphin rush prompted by their own immense self-regard.)

Update: Here's the NDP Socialist Caucus website, one-stop shopping for all your moonbatty needs. (Book a trip to Cuba! Read the manifesto outlining the plan to eliminate private ownership and replace it with a peoples' paradise! Free Gaza! It's all there--and more.)

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