Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's Going On at Taxpayer Funded Palestine House?

The usual sort of eliminationist fare, that's what. This time (on the 14th) the 'liminationists are feteing an expert in what they like to call "the right of return" but what others might more accurately describe as "flooding the Zionist entity with millions upon millions of Arab Muslims and reclaiming the land for Allah":
An authority on the Right of Return (ROR) of Palestinians, hear Jaber Suleiman speak to the birth of the Palestinian Refugee problem and Israeli attitudes towards it.
He will situation ROR within:
- International human rights law (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc.)
- Humanitarian Law 
-UN Resolutions - mainly General Assembly Resolutions 194 (1948) and 3236 (1974)
And review various schemes targeting ROR since 1993 (Oslo Accords, Road Map, Geneva, etc.) and Bush's vision and Obama's attitude towards ROR. He concludes with a look at the ROR movement: its mission, vision, challenges and possible future. Followed by Q&A.
And just who is this Jaber Suleiman? He's
a Palestinian independent researcher/ consultant who lives and works in Lebanon. Most recently, he was a consultant for the Palestinian program of UNICEF in Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon (2007–2010). During 1997-1998 he was a Visiting Study Fellow at the Refugee Studies Program, University of Oxford.
Suleiman is an activist in the right of return movement and Palestinian civil society, as well as the Coordinator of the Centre for Refugee Rights/Aidoun (Palestinian NGO in Lebanon). He has written several studies dealing with Palestinian refugees and the right of return and has contributed to many research projects on Palestinian refugees sponsored by UNRWA, UNDP and World Bank. His most recent publication is: "Refugees or Foreigners? The Case of Palestinians in Lebanon", in Forced Displacement: Why Rights Matter? (2008); "Trapped Refugees: the case of Palestinians in Lebanon", in No Refuge: Palestinians in Lebanon, Working Paper Series No.64, Refugee Studies Center, Oxford University (2010)...
UNWRA, Oxford, UNICEF--yup, his credentials are in order. Looks like Joe and Jane Canucki taxpayer are certain to get their money's worth with a guy who knows how to "situation" the elimination.

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