Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flotilla Fantasies

If you think boatniks seeing themselves as civil rights-era freedom riders is more than a bit of a stretch (to say the least), wait'll you hear what other historical set they think they echo. You can find it in this NatPo editorial:
Moreover, this flotilla is not, as its supporters contend, the spiritual heir to the 1947 refugee ship Exodus, which was filled with European Jews who survived the Holocaust. Any such specious moral equivalence constitutes an insult to the historical record.
It's more than an insult. It's vicious and delusional.

Also sickening and pathetic.

Update: Also hateful.

Update: Greek authorities have released the cap'n of the American flotilla tub, but two Canucki and an Aussie are still in the slammer.

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