Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gobble Gobble

It's a "fowl" time in Washington, writes Diana West, thanks to a Wahhabi Turki and an American one:
Question: Who wrote the following?
"U.S. politicians must muster the courage to scrap the fable of energy independence once and for all. If they continue to lead their people toward the mirage of independence and forsake the oasis of interdependence and cooperation, only disaster will result."
(Hint: "Mirage" and "oasis" are giant clues to the name of the writer's country.)
Answer: Saudi Arabia's Turki al-Faisal wrote the above in a 2009 Foreign Policy magazine essay hectoring "misguided" U.S. politicians who promote American energy independence from Saudi Arabia, one of the top oil suppliers to the United States. This strategy, wrote the former ambassador to the United States and the United Kingdom, is "political posturing at its worst."
Don't you just love lectures in democracy from potentates of religious dictatorships? In President Barack Obama, it looks as if Turki has found his turkey: a president with the Saudi idea of "courage" to keep the United States on the Saudi reservation -- sorry, I meant "oasis of interdependence and cooperation" (ka-ching)...
I believe it was the late, great Odgen Nash who wrote:

A Saudi Turki--he's no bird.
A POTUS turkey--he's absurd.
And I would bet all my beef jerky
Our goose'll soon be cooked liked turkey.

Or words to that effect.

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