Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hitler's Troops Too 'Embarrassed' to Give Inflatable Aryan Sex Babes a Tumble

Now it can be told:
One would assume that the Nazi soldiers had countless dangers to occupy their bodies and minds on a daily basis- death, bombs, and The French Resistance, to name a few- but according to a new book, they were most concerned about the threat of syphilis being spread by French prostitutes
To protect his soldiers from this sexual disease, Hitler gave the go-ahead to manufacture blow up sex dolls in order to ensure their needs were still satisfied. The sex dolls were a part of “the Borgchild Project”, a clandestine mission inspired by SS chief Heinrich Himmler- the man who first made Hitler aware of the syphilis epidemic, according to The Daily Mail.
"The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores," Himmler reportedly wrote.
The Borgchild Project created compact sex dolls that would fit comfortable into the soldiers backpack. The Nazis first approached Hungarian actress Kathy von Vagy to ask if she would lend her likeness to the doll. After she refused their offer, the Nazis designed a blonde haired, blue-eyed doll to provide “comfort” to the soldiers.
After the doll was complete, Nazi soldiers in Jersey did endless tests. A total of 50 were ordered by Himmler’s troops. Unfortunately, the project folded 2 years later when the soldiers admitted they were embarrassed to carry the dolls in their bags due to fear of embarrassment if captured...
To recap: they were not too embarrassed to murder Jews in the most brutal ways possible; they were too embarrassed to carry around inflatable chicks. That about says it all, no?

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