Sunday, July 10, 2011

Islam Rocks! Your Prophet's a Peach! Allahu Akbar!

Those are a few things an Aussie Christian Assyrian (an "Aussyrian"?) might have posted on facebook had he wanted to avoid the wrath of the easily offending. Islamist website onIslam has the details:
CAIRO – An Australian government adviser has been sacked over Facebook posts lampooning Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), The Sydney Morning Herald reported Sunday, July 10.
“The comments were totally inappropriate and the staff member has already been terminated,” a spokesman for the New South Wales government said in a statement.
Government adviser Joseph Adams posted comments accusing Islam and the Prophet of promoting violence.
“The religious babble you refer to is Islam,” Adams, who worked in the electorate office of the Smithfield Liberal Andrew Rohan, wrote on his Facebook page last month.
“There was no war. It was terrorism. Muhammad was the first terrorist in the name of Islam.”
Though his posts angered many of his Facebook friends, Adams continued his attacks.
“Why are you getting upset? I'm not the one who is teaching others to kill in the name of Islam. Muhammad is not my hero.”
Adams, who describes himself as an Australian of Assyrian Christian descent, earlier tried to taunt a Facebook friend with anti-Islam remarks...
Impudent kafir! He must have known that such effrontery is not to be tolerated under the laws of multiculturalism/dhimmitude.

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