Monday, July 4, 2011

Melanie the Optimist

Melanie Philips seizes upon a government measure to alter one aspect of Britian's "human rights" legislation to argue that "the tide is turning" against the lefty "thought police." However, that entails surmounting an immense hurdle:
The point about the Left-wingers who police and thus control our public debate is this: they believe above all else that they alone occupy the moral high ground.
They thus divide the world into good and bad. Only their own view is to be permitted; any dissent is by definition evil.
So all dissenters are Right-wing, all Right-wingers are evil and all who oppose the liberal consensus are therefore evil Right-wingers who must be damned as beyond the pale.
This is, of course, a totally closed thought process, similar to the totalitarian tyrannies imposed by the medieval Church or Stalinism.
Yet this monstrous repudiation of reason has effectively hijacked public debate...
The question is: Can we effectively "un"-hijack it? I certainly hope so, but I'm not laying bets on it.

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