Friday, July 8, 2011

Muslim Homophobes 4 Ford

There are two sorts of people who think Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's non-appearance at Pride events, including the Pride parade, constitutes "homophobia": lefties/lefty homosexuals, and Muslim homophobes. Here's a member of the latter group--he's editor of a local Muslim rag--giving the mayor the thumbs-up for inculcating a prejudice from which only one of them suffers:
Mr. Rob Ford’s viewpoint on homosexuality and gay agenda was not hidden. He never showed complexity in the issue. He will be considered an open and vocal opponent of gayism. Last October city election, when his opponent mayoral candidate George Smitherman was kicking off his campaign by kissing his male partner, Mr. Ford was bluntly expressing his dislike of these lifestyles. We all know that the gay community with their gay agenda was united behind Smitherman and overwhelmingly voted for and supported him. However, those who believe homosexuality is a curse on the society and an engineered lifestyle to destroy the family, human beings and a path of extinction of human race, supported and voted for Rob Ford openly and wholeheartedly. I have attended a Ford election campaign gathering in the Cypriot Community Center in our neighbourhood Thorncliffe Park, organized by the taxi-cab drivers of the city. One of the cab drivers’ leader was speaking in Punjabi and asking the audience, “Would you like to vote a gay or man?” Everyone was clapping. Mayor Ford was smiling when someone translated it into English.
Abdul Haq Ingar, a Muslim community activist and vice president and Director Communication of Islamic Society of Toronto (Masjid Dar us Salam), Thorncliffe Park, and the Liberal party employee at Queens Park openly supported Mr. Smitherman. However, despite his door to door canvassing and appeal to vote for Smitherman, the community rejected Smitherman. Mr. Rob Ford won from all Muslim-populated, high-rise buildings of Thorncliffe Park, Don Valley West.
This year Mr. Rob Ford hasn’t participated in the gay parade and festivals in Toronto despite the history of participants of past mayors despite their liking or disliking of gays. Ford’s absence created bitterness in the LGBT community and their supported media and groups. Not attending and participating in gay festivities are considered as a “shame” for “pride” banner holders. However, fifteen city councilors of Toronto City marched in the parade, including three Ford allies, Michael Thompson, Cesar Palacio, and Gary Crawford. Parade participants were shouting, “Where is the Mayor?” and “Shame.” Dozens of marchers and watchers brought an unflattering photo of his disembodied head, as Toronto Star reported...
I wonder how Mayor Ford feels about having these bigots assume he's one of them? Memo to Thorncliffe Park homophobes (not co-incidentally, the same "community" we're "accommodating" in the local public school): the mayor may be conservative (or conservative-ish), but he's not, you know, "sharia" conservative.


sanwin said...

This one is another keeper from the ever entertaining Mr. Anwar.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Jawed is a former Chair of Thorncliffe Park Public School. The same school being used as a madrassa with TDSB approval. Jawed was or may still be involved with the Thorncliffe Food bank which holds donation drives at Thorncliffe Public School.

I wonder if he is involved in the madrassa?

scaramouche said...

Thanks, sanwin, for the, ahem, entertainment.

BCF--That "Jaws" is a busy guy.