Thursday, July 14, 2011

Salsa Terrorists

The zesty Iran-sponsored jihadis of Hezbo have set up shop in Me-hee-co. Olé!

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Carlos Perera said...

Actually, reports have been bruited about _sotto voce_ for several years of evidence that the U. S.-Mexico border is being crossed regularly by Arabic- and Farsi- speakers. These reports say that papers written in those languages have been found along trails commonly used by illegal aliens penetrating the U. S. southern border. Naturally, the Official Powers deny that any evidence exists that terrorists have actually infiltrated along our sieve of a border, though, goodness knows it would be easy enough for fit young men. (Though, then again, why would they bother to make the desert wilderness trek, when they could probably just fly straight into the U. S. on a visa promiscuously issued by multiculturally indoctrinated American consular officials in the Middle East?)