Friday, July 1, 2011

Sing a Song of Gazastan

Here's today's flotilla tune, with apologies to Brian and da boyz:

(Hamas and Hebollah
Adore the Ayatollah
Just as Leftists, with virtue,
Do things that really hurt you.
Key-holders grow bolder,
Nakba has 'em kvetching,
So they get Alice Walker
To do their heavy fetching...)

In the 'terranean Sea
There's a place called Gazastan.
Helping it's part of the plan
To do away with Zi-on.

Bodies up on deck.
Martyrdom's like a blank cheque.
It'll pay for all the dreck
The MSM will collec'
Down in Gazastan.

(Hamas and Hezbollah
Fans of the holy 'rollah.
Boatniks are suicidal;
Hamas is genocidal.
CUP-Dubya and CUPE,
Sid Ryan is a dupe, see.
(I can't bear that man.
The Pali's biggest fan.
Smears Zion when he can,
Down in Gazastan.)...

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