Friday, August 12, 2011

The Back Stabber

I grew up listening to music produced by Kenny Gamble and his partner Leon Hough and released by their record label Philadelphia International Records (a Motown rival). The Back Stabbers, Me and Mrs. Jones, If You Don't Know Me By Now--those and other Philly soul songs form part of the score of my life.

I was thus saddened to learn that Gamble's music days are long gone and that he has now embraced an extreme form of Islam and is angling to institute a form of apartheid in America--special "enclaves" that would be designated as Muslim only. Ryan Mauro of FrontPage fills us in on what's become of a music man:
A music producer named Kenny Gamble, who now goes by the name of Luqman Abdul Haqq, is a major player in the enclave movement. He has been accused of trying to set up a “black Muslim enclave” in Philadelphia, and has a leadership position with the Muslim Alliance in North America. Significantly, Imam Musa also once held a position with the organization, but his name no longer appears on the Web site. Joe Kaufman, chairman of Americans Against Hate, discovered that Gamble has some very frightening affiliations.
Gamble owns a mosque in Philadelphia that opened in 1994. It was the first mosque belonging to an organization called the United Muslim Movement. Gamble is also behind a group called the Jawala Scouts, which was registered in 2005 under an address matching that of the United Muslim Movement. The scouts teach Muslim boys as young as 7 years old how to use firearms and various combat and survival skills, while dressed in military attire. The scouts initiative was launched by the Sankore Institute of Islamic-African Studies International. It was founded in Sudan and had its offices raided in 2006 by the FBI as part of a terrorism investigation. The organization has many former felons as members, and its Web site shows members with swords and guns. Its anti-American director condemns “pacifist ‘imams’ who deny the obligation of jihad [holy war] and who have deluded their followers into the fruitless activity of supporting democratic constitutional government.”
Outrageously, Gamble is receiving taxpayer money. In September 2010, his organization, Universal Community Homes, won a $500,000 grant from the Department of Education. The grant was awarded to candidates who “create plans to provide cradle-to-career services that improve the educational achievement and healthy development of children.”...
I wonder if he (ironically, a real "back stabber") was at Obama's iftar dinner.

Update: Gamble likely wasn't there, but Israeli ambassador Michael Oren was:
In a note on Facebook, Oren noted that three years ago he was the first Israeli ambassador to attend the White House dinner and was "deeply honored."
"This time," Oren wrotes, "in addition to the privilege, I felt at home. Around me sat representatives of the Muslim countries, many of whom are my acquaintances, as well as Ambassadors of Muslim countries, many of whom I consider to be my esteemed colleagues."
He added that he will be hosting his own Iftar meal reception, which he said would be the first at the Israeli ambassador’s residence.
Oy vey, as they say in some enclaves.

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