Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great News--'Fetish Fair' Now Family Friendly

From Xtra:
The Church Street Fetish Fair is now the Church Street Village Fair. Organizers hope the change signals to people that the event is more “inclusive and geared to all ages,” says the co-chair of the Church and Wellesley Village Business Improvement Area (CWVBIA).
Avery Pitcher says the reason for the change is simply that the businesses along Church St were not reporting much profit. “That is what the BIA mission is, to make the businesses more busy and to bring customers in.”
The BIA has been working with local businesses and festival organizers to redesign the fair, she says. The fair takes place Aug 14.
“We want the fair to be all-inclusive, all ages and all walks of life,” she says. “It will be a carnival with a Ferris wheel and big blow-up games. There will also be a bull ride and a climbing wall. Most of the games are geared to adults.”
Pitcher says the new name for the festival is the Church Street Village Fair: Leather to Lace. “It’s not going to focus on fetish, but the fetish will still be involved,” she says. “Will the leather community feel they have been reduced? Probably.”
That decision isn't sitting too well with the leather crowd, which is apparently a great stickler for fashion, and whose spokesperson offers this sartorial advice:
Toronto Leather Pride (TLP) president Jack Pearce says he considers the Church Street Village Fair and TLP to be “two totally different events.”
On the decision to include “leather and lace” in the event’s new title, Pearce says wryly, “No comment. Lace is never worn with leather.”
Especially after Labor Day. Or something.

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