Friday, August 12, 2011

Melanie on the Multiculti

To vastly understate it, Phillips is no fan of the relativistic mush:
Multiculturalism is a baleful creed which, far from bringing people together drives them apart. That is because multiculturalism is not a synonym for people from different cultures all getting along together. If this were so, it would be no more than a re-statement of how all decent and civilised societies should behave.
No, multiculturalism is the doctrine which says that no culture can ever claim precedence over any other. So there can be no hierarchy of values, and no society can uphold its historic traditions and values against any challenge. It is therefore by definition impossible for a multicultural society to uphold liberal values over their opposite – or, indeed, to uphold the fundamental democratic axiom of ‘one law for all’. It is also an oxymoron; for without an overarching set of cultural values to which everyone equally subscribes, there is no cultural glue to keep together a society --which then disintegrates into a war of group against group, value against value and the strong versus the weak.
It is multiculturalism which has done so much to wreck Britain; it is multiculturalism which has resulted in police neglect of black-on-black murder and gang warfare; it is multiculturalism which has helped create the anomie, amorality and utter absence of attachment to any notion of the common good which manifested itself in the anarchy on the streets of British cities.  
I must say I had a good chuckle yesterday when I read Harpoon Siddiqui describe them as "rainbow riots" (isn't that sweet?) because the yobbos are, well, so goshdarned "diverse."

Gotta love that "diversity," eh? ("Diversity"--another load of codswallop we've been force-fed by our "betters".)

Also in the Star: Rick Salutin has a "cure" for religious franctiousness--more Ramadan.

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Paul said...

re: Salutin

"A dose of Ramadan (under another name) might restore some calm and an ability to think rationally."

uh, from Salutin's drivel in this item, Ramadan-Ding-Dong time (to use another name), obviously instills the opposite effect of irrationally.