Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Social Justice" is Death for Democracies

Leftists hate capitalism because of its "inequities," the built-in "unfairness" of a system that, to a large extent, forces people to fend for themselves and rise or fail based on their own efforts and resourcefulness. Thus, one cannot help but look askance at thousands of Israeli Jewtopians taking to the streets in support of "social justice."

"Social justice"--you know what that is, don't you? The endless hand-outs of the welfare state that give rise to big government, big dependency, and an immense sense of entitlement. Ultimately, it leads to a land that's dysfunctional verging on the defunct.

The toxic fruit of such "social justice" (i.e. socialism) is on full view today in England.

Is that what you want, Israeli lefties?

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