Monday, August 15, 2011

TDSB Course Goes With 'the Flow' (Whatever the Heck THAT Is)

My copy of Learn 4 Life, the Toronto District School Board's catalogue of "Continuing Education" courses for adults, just came in the mail. Perusing the listings (they include instruction in everything from foreign languages, to sewing, to screenplay writing, to Egyptian belly-dancing--and lots more), I came upon a course that piqued my interest, but that I will definitely not be taking:

Unity, Life & Mind Transformation
This course will introduce the participants to learning to trust the flow of creativity, to allow them to forge profound connections with everything and everyone in the world; as well as dealing with their daily life and discovering the level of abundance that they are entitled to and how to achieve it. In working with the mandala, the twelve realms of the zodiac will be discussed; each being a door-way through which one can explore specific areas of life in the process of manifestation. (material costs $120-optional)
The process of manifestwhoosits? Who's teaching this airy-fairy flummery--Oprah?

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Frances said...

Sounds like one of the lesser courses from Hogwarts.